The Blackman Family

A comprehensive genealogy

Welcome to this comprehensive genealogy of the Blackman families that originated in England

The site is the result of more than ten years of work. To the largest extent possible information has been sourced from original documents, and in all cases the source of each piece of information has been shown. Inevitably much guesswork has been required, particularly in piecing together the earlier events, and this site represents only my interpretation of the information that I have found. If you believe any interpretation is wrong please let me know and I would be happy to chat about it.

The site is organized so that you can search for a person either according to their family name (Surname Index) or according to where they lived (Place Index). Where possible I have placed villages in their traditional counties – so for instance Yaxley is in Huntingdonshire. However, around London I found that this did not work because of the constantly shifting boundaries of Middlesex, and have used current definitions of London – hence for example Kingston upon Thames and Lewisham are both in London.

Each Blackman is included in a family tree which can be accessed from their individual page by clicking on the name below the “Charts” button. Because there are many dead ends in this research there are about three hundred of these family trees.

Please browse through the site, and if you see anything that you think is wrong, or if you have information, photos or links that you would like me to add please get in touch.